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Medication NameLumigan
Generic NameBimatoprost
ShippingUK, USA, Australia
Eye care1 - 1010 %
Eye care11 - 2020 %
Eye care21 - 5030 %
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How does this solution function?  What will it improve the situation me?

Bimatoprost has a place with a class of drugs called prostamides. It is accessible in eye-drop frame and is utilized to decrease the weight inside the eye for individuals with open-edge glaucoma or intraocular hypertension (expanded weight in the eye).

The liquid is always being framed and depleted out of the eye. At the point when this liquid does not deplete out of the eye legitimately, the weight inside the eye increments. Bimatoprost works by expanding the stream of liquid out of the eye. It begins to work inside 4 hours subsequent to being imparted in the eye.

This drug might be accessible under numerous brand names and additionally in a few distinct structures. A particular brand name of this drug may not be accessible in the greater part of the structures or endorsed for the majority of the conditions talked about here. Also, a few types of this drug may not be utilized for the greater part of the conditions talked about here.

Your specialist may have proposed this medicine for conditions other than those recorded in these medication data articles. On the off chance that you have not talked about this with your specialist or don’t know why you are being given this medicine, address your specialist. Try not to quit utilizing this solution without counseling your specialist.


Try not to give this medicine to any other individual, regardless of whether they have indistinguishable side effects from you do. It very well may be unsafe for individuals to utilize this medicine if their specialist has not endorsed it.


What form(s) does this pharmaceutical come in?


0.03% Ophthalmic Solution

Every mL of clear, dry, sterile arrangement contains 0.3 mg of bimatoprost. Nonmedicinal fixings: benzalkonium chloride, citrus extract monohydrate, decontaminated water, sodium chloride, and sodium phosphate dibasic heptahydrate. Sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric corrosive might be added to modify pH.

Lumigan RC

0.01% Ophthalmic Solution

Every mL of clear, dull, sterile arrangement contains 0.1 mg of bimatoprost. Nonmedicinal fixings: 0.2 mg of benzalkonium chloride as an additive, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic heptahydrate, citrus extract monohydrate, and cleansed water. Sodium hydroxide, as well as hydrochloric corrosive, might be added to alter pH.

In what manner would it be advisable for me to utilize this solution?

The suggested measurement of bimatoprost is one drop in the influenced eye(s) at night. This medicine ought not to be utilized more than once per day, since utilizing this drug more regularly than once multi-day may make it be less viable in bringing down the weight in the eye.

Numerous things can influence the dosage of a solution that a man needs, for example, a body weight, other therapeutic conditions, and different drugs. In the event that your specialist has prescribed measurements unique in relation to the ones recorded here, don’t change how you are utilizing the medicine without counseling your specialist.

It is critical that this pharmaceutical is utilized precisely as endorsed by your specialist.

To utilize the eye drops:

  1. Wash your hands previously utilizing the eye drops.
  2. Remove the top and place it in a perfect area. To maintain a strategic distance from conceivable defilement, keep the tip of the holder far from contact with any surface.
  3. Tilt the head back and look towards the roof.
  4. With your pointer, tenderly force the drop eyelid down and far from the eye to shape a pocket.
  5. Apply one drop into the pocket, however, don’t enable the tip of the compartment to contact the eye or regions around the eye.
  6. Gently apply weight to the inward corner of the eye (at the extension of the nose) for around 30 seconds (this is called nasolacrimal impediment). This keeps the prescription from dribbling down through the tear conduit and entering the circulatory system, which could make you encounter some symptoms.
  7. Repeat with the other eye, if endorsed by your doctor.
  8. Wash your hands again to evacuate any medicine.


Try not to permit the dropper tip of the container to contact the eye or other encompassing structures. This can pollute the tip with normal microscopic organisms known to cause eye diseases. Genuine harm to the eye may result on the off chance that you utilize eye drop arrangements that have turned out to be defiled.

On the off chance that you are utilizing other eye drops, apply them no less than 5 minutes separated.

On the off chance that you wear contact focal points, evacuate them before imparting bimatoprost into your eye. You may put your contact focal points in 15 minutes in the wake of utilizing the drug.

On the off chance that you miss measurements, impart it at the earliest opportunity and proceed with your consistent timetable. In the event that it is nearly time for your next dosage, skirt the missed measurement and proceed with your general dosing plan. Try not to impart twofold measurements to compensate for a missed one. On the off chance that you don’t know what to do subsequent to missing a measurement, contact your specialist or drug specialist for guidance.

Store this drug at room temperature and keep it out of the compass of kids. Securely dispose of any prescription staying in the dropper bottle 30 days after first opening the container.

Try not to discard medicines in wastewater (e.g. down the sink or in the can) or in family unit rubbish. Solicit your drug specialist how to arrange from solutions that are never again required or have terminated.


Who ought NOT to take this drug?

Try not to utilize this drug in the event that you are susceptible to bimatoprost or any elements of the solution.


What side impacts conceivable with this pharmaceutical?

Numerous pharmaceuticals can cause symptoms. A symptom is an undesirable reaction to a drug when it is taken in typical dosages. Reactions can be mellow or serious, impermanent or lasting.

The symptoms recorded beneath are not experienced by everybody who takes this medicine. On the off chance that you are worried about symptoms, talk about the dangers and advantages of this drug with your specialist.

The accompanying reactions have been accounted for by no less than 1% of individuals taking this pharmaceutical. A significant number of these reactions can be overseen, and some may leave without anyone else after some time.

Contact your specialist in the event that you encounter these symptoms and they are serious or vexatious. Your drug specialist might have the capacity to prompt you on overseeing symptoms.

  • a feeling of something in the eye
  • burning eyes
  • dry eyes
  • excessive hair development
  • eye bothering, for example, tingling, redness, or stinging
  • increased tear generation
  • longer eyelashes
  • red, bothersome eyelids


Albeit the majority of these reactions recorded underneath don’t occur all the time, they could prompt significant issues on the off chance that you don’t look for medicinal consideration.

Check with your specialist as quickly as time permits if any of the accompanying symptoms happen:

  • change of eyelash shading
  • darkening of eyelid skin shading
  • discharge from the eye
  • eye torment
  • feeling tired
  • increase in darker shading in hued part of the eye (the iris)
  • inflammation of the eyelid
  • the affectability of the eye to light
  • vision issues (e.g., diminish sharpness, obscured vision)


A few people may encounter symptoms other than those recorded. Check with your specialist in the event that you see any side effect that stresses you while you are taking this prescription.


Are there some other safety measures or alerts for this medicine?

Before you start utilizing a pharmaceutical, make sure to advise your specialist of any therapeutic conditions or hypersensitivities you may have, any medicines you are taking, regardless of whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and some other huge certainties about your wellbeing. These elements may influence how you should utilize this medicine.

Obscured vision: This solution may cause brief obscured vision quickly subsequent to putting the drops in your eyes. Abstain from driving or working on risky hardware until the point that your vision clears.

Contact focal points: Contact focal points ought to be expelled before bimatoprost eye drops are connected and not reinserted for 15 minutes after utilization of the drops. The additive in these eye drops can develop on contact focal points and cause the focal point to stain.

Eye changes: Bimatoprost may bite by bit change the shade of the eye, expanding the measure of dark-colored color in the iris (hued part of the eye). The long haul impacts on the eye and the odds of damage to the eye areas of now obscure. The adjustment in shading might be changeless. The adjustment in shading happens gradually, and may not be observable for a while or years. Bimatoprost has additionally been accounted for to cause obscuring, thickening, and extending of eyelashes.

Eye conditions: This drug ought not to be utilized by individuals with specific sorts of eye conditions (e.g., uveitis, certain focal point issues). In the event that you have eye conditions other than open-point glaucoma, examine with your specialist how bimatoprost may influence your restorative condition, how your therapeutic condition may influence the dosing and adequacy of this pharmaceutical, and whether any unique checking is required.

Kidney work: The impacts of this pharmaceutical have not been considered for use by individuals with diminished kidney work. In the event that you have kidney ailment or diminished kidney work, examine with your specialist how this drug may influence your therapeutic condition, how your restorative condition may influence the dosing and adequacy of this pharmaceutical, and whether any exceptional observing is required.

Liver capacity: The impacts of this medicine have not been considered for use by individuals with diminished liver capacity. In the event that you have the liver illness or diminished liver capacity, talk about with your specialist how this medicine may influence your therapeutic condition, how your restorative condition may influence the dosing and adequacy of this drug, and whether any uncommon observing is required.

Pregnancy: This prescription ought not to be utilized amid pregnancy except if the advantages exceed the dangers. In the event that you wind up pregnant while taking this prescription, contact your specialist quickly.

Breastfeeding: It isn’t known whether bimatoprost goes into the bosom drain. In the event that you are a breastfeeding mother and are taking this solution, it might influence your child. Converse with your specialist about whether you should keep breastfeeding.

Kids: The wellbeing and adequacy of utilizing this prescription have not been built up for kids.


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