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What is Todol?

Todol Tablet is utilized for Postoperative agony, Inflammation of the eye, Central eye retina issue, a Painless issue of retina related with waterfall extraction, Visual misfortune after waterfall medical procedure, Pain and photophobia in patients experiencing eye medical procedure and different conditions. Todol Tablet may likewise be utilized for purposes not recorded in this prescription guide.


Todol Tablet contains Ketorolac Tromethamine as a functioning fixing.

Todol Tablet works by hindering the impact of synthetic substances causing torment.

Opsonin Pharma fabricates Todol Tablet.


Todol Tablet Uses

Todol Tablet is utilized for the treatment, control, aversion, and change of the accompanying maladies, conditions, and side effects:

  • Postoperative torment
  • Inflammation of the eye
  • Central eye retina issue
  • The painless turmoil of retina related with waterfall extraction
  • Visual misfortune after waterfall medical procedure
  • Pain and photophobia in patients experiencing eye medical procedure
  • Todol Tablet may likewise be utilized for purposes not recorded here.


Todol Tablet – Precautions and How to Use

Prior to utilizing Todol Tablet, illuminate your specialist about your present rundown of medicines, over the counter items (e.g. vitamins, natural supplements, and so forth.), sensitivities, prior infections, and current wellbeing conditions (e.g. pregnancy, forthcoming medical procedure, and so forth.). Some wellbeing conditions may make you more defenseless to the symptoms of the medication. Take as coordinated by your specialist or take after the heading imprinted on the item embed. Measurement depends on your condition. Tell your specialist if your condition perseveres or declines. Critical advising focuses are recorded underneath.

  • Have eye contamination, dry eyes, ulcer on the surface of the eye, draining propensity or stomach ulcers, diabetes, rheumatoid joint inflammation, or asthma
  • Symptoms of seeping in the stomach or digestion tracts

Other essential Information on Todol Tablet


Missing a dosage

In the event that you miss a measurement, utilize it when you take note. On the off chance that it is near the season of your next dosage, avoid the missed measurements and resume your dosing plan. Try not to utilize the additional measurements to compensate for a missed dosage. On the off chance that you are frequently missing dosages, consider setting an alert or requesting that a relative remind you. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your specialist to talk about changes in your dosing plan or another calendar to compensate for missed measurements, in the event that you have missed an excessive number of dosages as of late.


Todol Tablet – Drug Interactions

On the off chance that you utilize different medications or over the counter items in the meantime, the impacts of Todol Tablet may change. This may expand your hazard for reactions or cause your medication not to work appropriately. Enlighten your specialist concerning every one of the medications, vitamins, and homegrown supplements you are utilizing, so your specialist can enable you to anticipate or oversee tranquilize associations. Todol Tablet may connect with the accompanying medications and items:

  • Clopidogrel
  • Corticosteroid eye drops
  • NSAIDs
  • Prednisone
  • Warfarin

Todol Tablet – Contraindications

Touchiness to Todol Tablet is a contraindication. What’s more, Todol Tablet ought not to be utilized on the off chance that you have the accompanying conditions:

  • Alcohol
  • Breastfeeding
  • Children beneath 18 years old
  • Dehydration
  • Hemorrhage
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Hypovolemia
  • Pregnant


Overdosage of Todol Tablet

  • Do not utilize more than the endorsed dosage. Taking more solution won’t enhance your side effects; rather they may cause harming or genuine reactions. In the event that you presume that you or any other individual who may have overdosed on Todol Tablet if you don’t mind going to the crisis division of the nearest doctor’s facility or nursing home. Bring a drug box, holder, or mark with you to assist specialists with important data.
  • Do not give your prescriptions to other individuals regardless of whether you realize that they have a similar condition or it appears that they may have comparable conditions. This may prompt overdosage.
  • Please counsel your doctor or drug specialist or item bundle for more data.

The capacity of Todol Tablet

  • Store prescriptions at room temperature, far from warm and coordinate light. Try not to solidify meds except if required by bundle embed. Repel prescriptions from kids and pets.
  • Do not flush medicines down the latrine or empty them into seepage except if taught to do as such. Drug disposed of in this way may taint the earth. It would be ideal if you counsel your drug specialist or specialist for more subtle elements on the best way to securely dispose of Todol Tablet.

Tramadol 100mg


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