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Product Detail Brand / Limit
Medication Name Valcivir
Dosage 500/1000 mg
Manufacturer Cipla
Generic Name Valcyclovir
Shipping UK, USA, Australia
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Generic Medicine 1 - 50 10 %
Generic Medicine 51 - 100 20 %
Generic Medicine 101 - 200 30 %
Generic Medicine 201 - 500 40 %
Generic Medicine 501 - 999 45 %
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Valcivir 1000Mg Tablet falls under a classification of medications known as antiviral. This drug is utilized to regard diseases, for example, genital herpes, mouth blisters in youngsters no less than 12 years old and shingles in grown-ups. It likewise treats chickenpox in kids who are 2 years old.

On utilizing this pharmaceutical you may encounter reactions, for example, a migraine, stomach torment, tipsiness, laziness, fantasies, mental and inclination issue, for example, unsettling, seizures, skin rash, trouble with discourse, kidney issue and sickness. Look for restorative help in encountering any response. End-use on the off chance that you have a fever, shortcoming, skin pallor, grisly the runs, swelling of body parts and unusual deaths.

Before utilizing this solution tell your specialist in the event that: you are sensitive to any fixing contained inside Valcivir 1000Mg Tablet, you are susceptible to any nourishment or pharmaceutical or substance, you are taking any prescriptions, you have kidney issue, you have HIV or frail safe framework, you are pregnant or are nursing an infant.

The measurement is settled by the specialist mulling over your past therapeutic records and the present condition. The typical measurement in grown-ups for treating herpes simplex labialis is 2 g orally at regular intervals in dosages of 2

Key Highlights:


Is It safe with liquor?

It is for the most part safe to expend liquor with Herbal 1000mg tablet.

Are there any pregnancy admonitions?

Herpival 1000mg tablet is most likely safe to use amid pregnancy.

Creature ponders have demonstrated low or no antagonistic impact on the baby, be that as it may, there are constrained human investigations. If you don’t mind counsel your specialist.


Are there any breastfeeding admonitions?

Obscure. Human and creature examine are not accessible. It would be ideal if you counsel your specialist.


Is it safe to drive while on this medication?

There is no information accessible. If it’s not too much trouble counsel a specialist before expending the medication.


Does this influence kidney work?

Alert to be prompted in patients with debilitated renal capacity.

Does this influence liver capacity?

There is no information accessible. If you don’t mind counsel a specialist before expending the medication.

Employment of Valcivir-500 Tablet

What is it recommended for?

  • Herpes simplex labialis (Cold Sores)

This prescription is utilized for the treatment of mouth blisters (herpes simplex labialis), a condition portrayed by little, excruciating ulcers around the outskirt of the lips.

  • Genital Herpes

This prescription is utilized to treat genital herpes which is a sexually transmitted viral disease caused by herpes simplex infection. It might be utilized for the treatment of an underlying scene of genital herpes and in addition to anticipating flare-ups of the contamination.

  • Herpes Zoster Infection (Shingles)

This solution is utilized in the treatment of herpes zoster disease (shingles). The disease is described by an excruciating rash with rankles and consuming. It happens in patients who have had chickenpox previously. It might likewise be utilized to anticipate shingles in patients who are vulnerable to it, e.g., HIV-tainted patients who have had close contact with a man having a functioning shingles disease.

  • Chickenpox

This prescription is utilized for the treatment of chickenpox, which is a contamination caused by the Varicella   Zoster infection. It might likewise be utilized to anticipate chickenpox in patients who are powerless to it, e.g., HIV-tainted patients who have had close contact with a man having a functioning chickenpox disease.

General Instructions

Take this prescription with or without nourishment, as prompted by your specialist. Try not to take in bigger or littler sums than prompted/recommended. Counsel the specialist on the off chance that you encounter any unwanted reactions. Guarantee that the course of treatment is finished. Try not to stop the utilization of this drug without counseling your specialist.

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Valcivir 500/1000mg


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